We Threw Our Applecore Over The Fence

by Jonagold

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released September 13, 2015

Jonagold is Andrew Keller & Emily Bate
Recorded & mixed with Yianni Kourmadas at the Bell Tower
Mastered by Calpin Hoffman-Williamson
Artwork & layout by Emily Royer



all rights reserved


Jonagold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Brightened
Bring the ice in
Let it begin
Surface shining
Air is pining

When you want me to wake, wake up, too
See what's covered inside a left shoe
Clothes that break before they are whitened
It is vague before it is brightened

The way you breathe
Trades in sweetly
Healthy before
Need to see more
Track Name: Cameo
Cameo has got a fault
Cameo has got a fault
Cameo is just too small
Cameo has got a fault
(It's always the same thing that, that is wrong)

Cameo has got eyes
Cameo has got a head
Cameo's missing the rest
No limbs no lungs no heart no chest
(Got her growth stunted oh, stunted oh)

Cameo has got a head and that's all
Oh she thinks up a sweat but she can't move a thing

Oh she thinks and she thinks
But she can't move a thing
Track Name: Provisional
Throw my glove in the pit
Be sure to release it
Paper and smoke
Blurred when awoke

Waiting to walk home with
Seams to be tautly stitched
Fences behind
Stop to unwind

We've both become dancers
With scared looks in our eyes
Folding jackets made of silken cocoons

She'd show me everything
About her broad etchings
I'd like to know
Reverse my echo

One door in two exits
Watch as a leave to sit
Down after drink
Upon some brink
Track Name: Bartlett
A new pitch will open soon
One you can or can't tune to
She spoke something like a key
Silent study of a plea

Once upon a little while
In locked doors finger to dial
Numbers for a broken heart
Colder statements laced apart

If a light were one to blink
Quick to knife but slow to think
Worse if there is none to heal
They say only time will feel

To the west over a horn
Any way to aid a thorn
Plucked just so a crowd can hear
Pick a blossom from his ear
Track Name: Upender
No upender after all
Every capture afterwards will fall
And each hard-won victory so small
Similarly unremembered

Upender again
Remember why to try
To be convinced to try
Alibi inventer

If I crush and splinter and pulverize
Or I shake your hand look you in the eye
Or give a false name slip away at sunrise
Track Name: Memo
Your heart set on it
Your heart set like a clock
And it's gonna ring
Early in the morning
Till you do what it wants

Buttoning up your jacket
Penny in your pants pocket
Letter with a stamp

Your heart set on it
(Feel your skin in the cold air)
Your heart set in a crown
(See if your scar's still back there)
Worn at your full height
(Brush aside your hair)
Scattering the light
and you're wearing it
You're wearing it out
Track Name: Inside The Fruit
Inside the fruit beneath
The pith and the pulp and the seed
I'll come to where you are
After dark

Something's making all the dogs bark
I sit quiet the room goes dark
My face is an envelope
So what's inside doesn't show

Of course there were so many signs
Must have missed them a thousand times
The hole in the wall that I walk by
And behind the hole the eye

Those old windowpanes clattering
Covered up all the chattering
Sound of footsteps in empty hall
Sound of the breathing in the wall

No one in town knows where I went
Put the old place back up for rent
We look out on empty rooms
Another one will notice soon
Track Name: Patience Dock
Looking back on superficial cuts
Is not a fault
There've been deeper ones
To keep aside in little vaults

No one there was living hear me
pay just for the right to gently
Sit down in a leather chair to
Listen with a hushed beware to

Later on again I'll try
To catch a finer task
Seas of strangers know
The coupled parts I cannot grasp
Track Name: Deep Seed
She drives when she drives
Her hair changes sides
She's there when she's there
Light pippin of hair

One more slake
Give or take
Try again
Start or end

She sleeps when she sleeps
Seed planted to deep
She names when she names
The wolf in the game
Track Name: Cousin Frances
Having tea with cousin Frances
On the white wicker furniture
And the steam fogs up his glasses
Frances do you take milk or sugar?

Talking small as small as we're able
Reciting in rhyming verse
Brushing crumbs from the table
Every phrase rehearsed

Oh no not again

In that house everything fine
In that house hidden in plain sight
In that house sit and sigh
Dressed and headless like a window bride

If not for the dish dropped and smashed
You never would have looked him in the eye
And you never would have seen that sly look of delight
And that little spent match dropped by his side

Take me with you

Grab his hands make for the door
Now the house is burning down
No never anymore
Track Name: Dead Rust
And if I were to say to you one more time
To be happy with what you put on the line
Would you take it to mean something simply more?
Imprecision to lose what you told was torn

How your absence would clap me next in the face
Given motions to ones that are not to waste
But the rain's more than I can fit to arrive
And I hope I can make you out while alive